Product Visualization using Blender 2.8 Submission for the 1st Blender Conference USA Los Angeles #bcon20

With the new Blender 2.8, the toolbox for professional product visualization was extended by a new realtime render engine and specific compositing nodes that are very helpful for blending the render output into photographic footage or backplates.

In my talk, I address how we use Blender 2.8 as a tool for efficient product visualization meeting the high industry standards regarding flexibility and quality of work.

More precisely, I present artistic & design requirements of emotional product renderings and product detail renderings and how we meet those using Cycles and Eevee, but still being flexible enough to meet our customer’s demands in the production workflow.

Technically, my talk contains some helpful hints for doing/using

  • compositing with Cryptomate

  • filter and masks

  • image denoising

  • re-combination of renderpasses

  • production of 360° interactive images

Elaspix – founded 2009 – provides product visualization services and runs an Eevee-driven render farm for near-realtime product rendering in shops.

emotional visualization that tells a story and inspires the customer

functional visualization of important properties that could be taken as reference

Subset of my slides

A more detailed description of the presentation is available in german.

Tobias Guenther
Founder & CEO

Elaspix Produktkonfiguratoren
Schliffkopfstr. 25
68163 Mannheim